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Unlock Your Potential - VIP Day Experience

VIP Day is an opportunity for you to take a deep dive into your personal goals with Shannon. To prepare you for your day, we will evaluate where you are at now, what is holding you back or weighing you down, and create a vision for where you want to go.

Once these things are set we will schedule a 4-hour VIP session customized just for you. We will use a variety of tools and resources to help you take a leap forward in your personal development.

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Authentic Affluence

For the woman who is ready to break through her emotional trauma and move forward with authenticity, confidence, and freedom, this program is for you.

We will dive deep into your personal journey to help you find emotional freedom with this integrative three-month transformational program.

Using a protocol called Generational Emotional Mapping or G.E.M. we will:

  • Release negative emotions

  • Eliminate generational baggage

  • Experience mindset shifts in different areas of your life

  • Create your own emotional toolbox to deal with life's ups and downs moving forward.

  • Believe and create possibilities

  • Rise from the ashes reclaiming your power

  • Create abundance


UnLeash Your



Up-leveling one's life requires a willingness to step out of one's comfort zone and embrace new possibilities. It also involves developing a growth mindset that is open to learning, feedback, and continuous improvement.

UnLeash Your Inner Greatness can help individuals to overcome limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and make meaningful progress toward your desired outcomes.

This is a great program will support you as you begin your journey.


1st Annual

Women's Wellness Summit

Looking for a little inspiration?? Love learning about new areas of health & wellness? Does the idea of brainstorming with some amazing women get you excited??  Jump in on the 2022 Women's Wellness Summit! 

The Woman's Wellness Summit is the perfect opportunity to focus on you. During this summit, you will learn about self-care, mindset, healing, yoga, nutrition, energy work, and so much more from 15


women that simply want to create a massive impact. You will leave feeling inspired and motivated to make positive changes in your life.

What's included?

👉 15 Recorded Interviews with health & wellness professionals

👉 Private Interview with Joyce Turkington Author of "Generational Emotions Mapping"

👉 Emotions & Oils Booklet

Join us to learn about Expanding Your Mindset for Success; Using Energy & Intuitive Healing in Your Wellness Practice; and, Moving Your Business Forward During Difficult Times.


Riding the Emotional Waves of Motherhood

Being a Mom has its Own Unique Challenges

We want to take care of our kids. But we also need to take care of ourselves.

Many Mom's Today Experience:

  • Stress and Overwhelm

  • Financial Pressures

  • Mental & Emotional Challenges

  • Guilt Over the Areas of Parenting

  • We Struggle With Worry About Our Health

  • Worry About Our Children's Health

  • Trouble Sleeping

  • Challenges Managing Everyone's Schedule

  • Struggles Knowing How to Deal with Our Children's Behavior

  • Societal Expectations

We want to be able to do EVERYTHING, but keeping up with it all is so challenging.

This Wellness Summit is All About Supporting YOU through the Challenges of Being a Mom


Health & Harmony Through the Holidays

There are so many frustrations that can pop up over the holiday season. Here are just a few of the many things that can stress us out:

  • Overwhelm from trying to get ALL the things done.

  • Dealing with extended family members, in-laws, and/or ex-spouses.

  • Trying to manage the impacts of the holidays on our finances and family budget.

  • Tantrums and outbursts from our kids, thanks to more sweets, less sleep, loss of schedule, etc.

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Grief & sadness over past events or traumas.

But you don't have to muscle through it on your own.

Grab Lifetime Access to our Holiday Summit for recordings of 15 Amazing Speakers sharing their best tips and strategies to help you get through the holidays: addressing holiday eating; dealing with grief and sadness during the holiday season; creating boundaries in tough holiday situations, and more.


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